Multiple receive tasks executed on signal

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Multiple receive tasks executed on signal

I have service task which puts message in the external system and then receive task which waits for the signal when the response comes back. That part is easy, but after the signal there is one more service and receive task and they are doing the same thing.

I have run into the problem that activiti engine just dies with an infinite loop on the first signal, because when the signal is fired at the runtime service it triggers the second service task and also signals the second receive task (which is not the desired behaviour).

The question is - how to trigger only the single receive task which I intend to run?

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Re: Multiple receive tasks executed on signal

Not sure if I understood the question and model correctly? Are you able to share your process model and if possible a unit test to reproduce this issue?

Signals are generally used in a broadcast pattern. If you are looking for sending a message to one particular receiver, a message event is more appropriate.