New small-ish project - Activiti 6 or 7?

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New small-ish project - Activiti 6 or 7?

After a few years away from Activiti and Alfresco, I have a new project that needs workflow! However, because I've been away, I haven't been keeping up with Activiti, so I'm not sure what version I ought to use...

The project I need workflow for is already using Microservices, hosted on Kubenetes, so the deployment of Activit 7 isn't an issue. However, I'm not going to be pushing the kinds of volumes of workflows through it to need the kind of scale that 7 seems setup for, and I'd be missing out on some deprecated features and having more complexity.

I think we're probably going to have something like 10 different workflows deployed at a time, and starting maybe 100 per day. Probably 50/50 split between user-initiated workflows, and system / timer ones.

The application frontends are written in React for the Web, and React Native for mobile. We want to show the forms in both. The use case is HR, for onboarding new employees, their associated documents (ID, training etc), and tracking when new ones are needed (eg driving license expiring and needing to record the details of the renewed one). Nothing very ground-breaking, nor too advanced!

Anyone have any thoughts / links to resources to help us pick between Activiti 6 or 7 for this kind of thing?