Notifications for involved tasks

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Notifications for involved tasks

I am working on the Alfresco Process Services and came across the below requirements.

1. I want to send an email when I involve someone in the task. The involved person should get an email notification. Right now, by default the email notification is not going to the involved person.

2. Also, is there any way to make the attached documents and task form read only except the task claimer? I mean, only the task claimer should be able to edit the task but all other users in the group should be able to view the task in read only mode.

Any help will be appreciated...

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Re: Notifications for involved tasks

1. What do you mean by saying "involved"? It means notification should be sent to every task's recipient?

2. In your model  add the following:

                <property name="bpm:packageItemActionGroup">

Here you can get more info.

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Re: Notifications for involved tasks

Regarding the item (1): If the user get involved after the Task is created I think there is no way to trigger an action, as there is no events thrown that you can capture. In a User Task you have events: Create, Assignment, Complete (see

If you involve the user at the Task creation, you might use the Create event and trigger an API call to ge the involved people, see the end-point: GET /enterprise/tasks/{taskId}.