On taskSaved javascript event start next task

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On taskSaved javascript event start next task


In an APS 1.7 there is javascript tab(there are many events), on taskSaved event i want to start next task(for example -  I have one main process and one or more sub-process[it has its own task like draft, review and approve]. In the the main process i have 3 task

i) user task - Here I have drop-down[values are injury, ohs] i will choose any one option and i will save the task. Based on the option chosen start the next sub-process(ii), here in the sub-process i will perform draft task then it should again return to my main process(i), then i will submit then it should go to third task(iii).

ii) call sub process using collapsed sub-process

iii) user task then end)

Can anyone help me how can i achieve this.

Here I have attached the my app.

Kindly provide the APS 1.7 Javascript documentation(unable to find)


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Re: On taskSaved javascript event start next task


Creating tasks in a process is controlled by the flow of the process so it's not possible to start a task manually. I looked into your app and I see that you are using Inclusive gateways. If I understood what you want to achieve then Exclusive gateways should be used instead.

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Re: On taskSaved javascript event start next task

Thanks for reply.

In the above attached example, based on the drop-down(In the first task) values, it should start the next task and come back to first task.

For Ex: In my Master-Task, if i have choose sub-incident as injury and press save button it should go to injury sub-process, here i will complete my first task then i should redirect to again to my master-task form.

How can i achieve this? Kindly help me out in this.