Process Initiation Authorization

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Process Initiation Authorization


i want to restrict users from starting new process instance.

i tried following example :

but it didn't work.

i also used eclipse to set candidate groups but it didn't work too.


what i am trying to do is add identity link at ACT_RU_IDENTITYLINK table related to PROC_DEF_ID_ on deploying without using REST or API.

it should get candidate from bpmn xml itself.

sorry for bad english and i am new to activiti .


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Re: Process Initiation Authorization

Hi @AmirElsaeed & welcome to Alfresco!

Can you outline the exact steps that you took & also what didn't work - was there any output to screen or in the logs to say what hasn't worked, for example?


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Re: Process Initiation Authorization

1- i opened actitivi-app

2- draw bpm process

3- exported bpm.xml file 

4- update it with the following 

<process id="potentialStarter"  activiti:candidateStarterGroups="myGroup">

5- import the file again.

nothing happen (still any user can start process instance although user is not in that group).


same with eclipse


although i set candidate starter and imported xml to actitivi app still any one can start process instance.


another thing is this table "ACT_RU_IDENTITYLINK" somehow related with process Initiation Authorization?

if yes how to add record with PROC_DEF_ID_ and candidate



Member II

Re: Process Initiation Authorization


Hi Activiti team, 

I am also getting same issue , is it a bug in v5.22. Even if we mention the starter candidates all candidates can start the process.

<activitiSmiley TongueotentialStarter>
</activitiSmiley TongueotentialStarter>
This needs to be fixed as any user should not start any process , that will be a wrong feature.Please suggest solution.