Questions about activiti features

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Questions about activiti features

Hello, Activiti seems like an interesting tool for me. I am learning BPMN for my new job so I am kinda new into this stuff. I am looking for BPMN tool which will have functions described below.
So I have some questions which I want to ask about features:

1. Can i export my diagrams to any vector graphic format? like .svg? And then Can I work with this format and edit it in program?
2. Are there layers which I can switch on/off? LIke in any graphic program. If there are layers Can I connect object between layers?
3. Is there any possibility to connect my active object with pool/lanes etc?
4. Any compability with Office? I dont mean any synchronization but moving my diagram to Word(graphic format etc.)
5. Can i verify my process if it comes to BPMN 2.0? I mean process validation, if everything on the diagram is correctly done in BPMN notation.
6. Can I desribe somehow any of my diagram elements with extra text or metadata?
7. Is there any option to automaticly generate documentation of the model which will describe my diagram step by step?
8. Can I generate BPEL code basing on my diagram/process? Compatibility with BPMN 2.0.
9. Can I generate work instruction basing on my diagram/process?
10. Is there option to automaticly numerate steps of my process/diagram?

Forgive me my next question but I am really new into this stuff. I think I can understand how to install activity but the problem is if it's client-server architecture? Let's say I have intranet in my noncommercial(government) company and there are applications. Can I install activiti on this server so everyone inside of intranet could use it?

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Re: Questions about activiti features

Hi @Cypek,

Have you had a chance to read the user guides


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