Reassigning "initiator" in Alfresco Activiti workflow

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Reassigning "initiator" in Alfresco Activiti workflow

I am trying to re-assign the "initiator" in my Alfresco Activiti Workflow to an "admin" to
prevent the original initiator from modifying the workflow.

Which class is responsible for defining the flow owner?

I need to change this class.

I'm basing myself on this tutorial:

but I'm not successful

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Re: Reassigning "initiator" in Alfresco Activiti workflow

An approach here would be to rewrite the WorkflowPermissionInterceptor, specifically WorkflowPermissionInterceptor#isInitiatorOrAssignee(). This method should return false for the invoked methods that the initiator should not be allowed access. If this is an Enterprise project, you need to get this type of change signed off from Alfresco Support, otherwise you run the risk of putting the implementation in an unsupported state. MyCCPay