Released APS SDK 1.7.0 and APS SDK 2.0.1

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Released APS SDK 1.7.0 and APS SDK 2.0.1

I'm very happy to announce the new release for both the editions of the APS SDK finalized during the last Alfresco Hack-a-thon:

These new release include the following improvements:

  • Added support for Apple Silicon M1 / Arm64 CPUs building custom Docker images from scratch
  • Added a Swagger module to generate the stub client in order to interact with APS
  • Added an integration tests module for implementing and executing real integration tests

This is a very important release of the APS SDK because for the first time we have the same project structure for both the editions.

Finally, specifically for this release, I would like to thank:

  • @angelborroy for his help in order to support arm64 CPUs and for building new Docker images from scratch it was a pleasure to work with you during the hackathon Smiley Very Happy
  • all my friends at Zia Consulting to let me spend time on make these improvements to this project Heart