Renew Activiti License

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Renew Activiti License

I was informed by my company's Purchase Officer that we have renewed our subscription for Activiti 1.6 and that I should be able to login to the Supportal Portal and download the new license file.

I was able to login to this Support Portal but cannot find the location from where I can download our license file (*.LIC) like I was able to in the past. The menu options have changed a lot. Can someone point me to the right spot for this?

Urgency in this matter will be highly appreciated!



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Alfresco Employee

Re: Renew Activiti License

Hi @stdate 

Within your Hyland profile/account area you should be able to raise a ticket if you can't see the licences link.


Digital Community Manager, Alfresco Software.
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Member II

Re: Renew Activiti License

Hello @stdate , do you found the solution's issue? i have the same problem