Resume failed synchronous service task

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Resume failed synchronous service task


i am using Alfresco process service 1.9 in my application. I have question mainly on exception in service task.

Ex. : 

start event-> serviceTask1->serviceTask2->serviceTask3->End Event

Basically we have three synchronous service tasks and each task communicate with external system by Rest endpoint and which we implemented using JavaDelegate. Now our requirement is likes, if servicetask 2 failed due the any reason like rest point exception then we have to execute/resume flow from failed point manually after issue fixed.

How would i implement such scenario using alfresco process service? Please suggest any solution.

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Re: Resume failed synchronous service task

I guess you can use Gateways or Signals based on the requirement wether you want to resume next service task.

1. Using gateway you can (ex: exclusive gateway) you can decide to resume with next service task or start from the beginning based on the condition(in order to evaluate conditions you can make use of variables).

2. Another approach is to use catch and throw intermediate signal events.

You can refer to to these BPM constructs in activiti user guide