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Show process comments on each task


I am using Activiti Enterprise (APS 1.9) and have a need to show process comments on each task step.  APS allows comments to be added on each task but these appear to be only visible to the Originator on the Process diagram.  I had hoped to use this commenting process and have the comments be available to all tasks so as each participant can see the previous comments up to that point.

I see can implement a stencil and call the rest service for the process to get the comments, ie /app/rest/tasks/17710/comments.  I have a stencil which can fetch from a given URL and populate a table with the comments.  What I am trying to figure out is how to get the current process instance id, so that the URL can become dynamic, ie /app/rest/tasks/${processInstanceId}/comments.

On a form, is there a simple way to get the current processInstanceId via script or expressions?


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Re: Show process comments on each task

Colin, I was thinking that ADF Comment Component should do what you want or get you pretty close and a good start.