Stop, cancel or delete boundaryEvent timer

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Stop, cancel or delete boundaryEvent timer


In first place sorry for my English it may not be the best.

Please help me. I have workflow where I have userTask which has multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics. When all people in some group complete the task (red) the boundaryEvent timer attached to the userTask is still active (I get this by workflowService.getTimers( "activiti$" + workflowId) ). The completion condition is „${(nrOfInstances - nrOfCompletedInstances) == 0}“. In my case the timer makes a duplicate task. So I would like to somehow cancel, stop or delete the timer in exclusive gateway shown on the picture (green). For now I use exclusive gateway to identify that there are no assignees (everyone completed the task) and I list active timers in workflow.

Thank you for your time.