Sub-process not getting started

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Sub-process not getting started


I have created the process using sub process concept, throwing and catching signal events.

In my first sub process i have first task as Draft, in this task if i click on "injury report" it starts sucessfully 2nd sub process for the first time, in this 2nd sub process after completing first task("Draft Injury") it returns to 1st sub process by sending data through script task and that pushes in the dynamic table of the "Draft" task, as well as 2nd sub process next task("Investigate Injury") starts. After returning to 1st sub process if i click again on "injury report" it will not start the 2nd sub process again it will redirect to 2nd sub process "Investigate Injury" instead of "Draft Injury".

Here I have attached my app. Kindly anyone help me out in this.


Amruta Wandakar

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Re: Sub-process not getting started

Hi Amruta, 

It is quite a lot of work to download your app and test that complex process. you should be able to isolate the problem to see if there is a bug in the engine or if it is a problem with your model. 

It is not even clear what you are trying to do with those two subprocesses, this is what I'm understanding for just looking at the diagrams:

1) You have a parallel gateway which start both subprocesses at the same time when the process is started. 

2) you are using signals to move the 2nd subprocess forward

Notice the 2nd subprocess is created by the parallel gateway and not the signal, meaning that you are not creating new subprocesses instances when you do the signal from the first gateway, meaning that at the end of the day you just have one instance of the 2nd subprocess and that might explain why you are not getting the behaviour that you are expecting. 

I would recommend to completely separate those processes into separate diagrams and not to use gateway for starting the subprocesses if that is really what you want to achieve. 

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Re: Sub-process not getting started

Thank you for your reply. Here I have explained simple example of an Interview Process.

Requirement : 

  1. Candidates will Fill Application Form.
  2. HR will review the application and submits for Technical Team Approval(P2).
  3. After Technical team review HR need not to wait for Manger approval and HR should be able to get technical team data(with or without manager approval).
  4. HR should be able to submit for Final Approval.



Solutions I have tried

  1. If i use Collapsed sub process i need to wait till the completion of Manager Approval task.
  2. I tried using the sub process, throwing and catching events. Created two sub process, 1st sub process will throw signal and second sub process will catch signal if HR submits another application the 2nd sub process will not catch the signal.
  3. If i use Call Activity multi-instance type as Sequential i need to provide Cardinality it will be fixed number of application HR will be able to submit for Technical Approval, in my case it should not be fixed number of loop.
  4. If i use Call Activity, the Call Activity will not share its data to P1 process, in my case data should be shared from P2 to P1.

Looking forward for your kind assistance.