Thoughts about moving away from SharePoint

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Thoughts about moving away from SharePoint

First let me say this is just me thinking about a what if. Thankfully this isn't a project...yet. I realize that saying, "a migration of sharepoint (to anything) would be difficult" is an understatement.

I started wondering what was available (open source or not) that could replace, in part at least, the functionality in MS SharePoint. I was wondering if anyone had ever successfully tried and what your experience was?

Our SharePoint environment is on prem and relatively small and is mainly used for office document storage and custom lists (the content is around 50 GB). No workflows, infopath forms, or custom solutions. Even search isn't used that heavily. So far the only candidates I've looked at are Alfresco and Liferay, but I imagine there are a couple more I haven't found yet.

There are a few drivers I could justify this with if I decide I really want to punish myself by making this an actual project, but at this point it's just an academic "what if."


forgot to mention our SP environment is on prem (no office 365).

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Re: Thoughts about moving away from SharePoint

Hi @seichi ,

Migration from SharePoint to Alfresco is easily doable.

To extract the content/list from SharePoint, you can write powershell scripts and to import the data in Alfresco, you can use alfresco's existing Bulk Upload tool.

Multiple paid tools are also available in market for SharePoint to Alfresco data migration.

Hope this helps!