Trigger Java Receive Task in bulk

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Trigger Java Receive Task in bulk


We have a scenario where the process has to wait till we get the response from the external system which can be a time-consuming thing. We have modeled this using Java receive task.


The external system can send the response in bulk and then we have to move the process. Since we are using receive task we have to first query the execution id based on some business param ( say process variable OR process instance id). After getting the execution id we have to call this in loop.  


I have two questions :

  1. Querying and then triggering one by one is a time-consuming process and we are not getting the required throughput. We can change our logic and send the execution id as correlation id which can help us save the query.
  2. Are we modeling it correct? Shall we use signals ( catching event) here. Because the business data is kept outside activiti and we already updated that. Activiti is just storing business id as process var.