Use of the Activity BPMN web Modeler with our own persistense

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Use of the Activity BPMN web Modeler with our own persistense


 I am looking into open source web based BPMN modelers.  We have our own model , persistence layer and runtime

I need some clarifications around this

1) CAn i use the the activity web BPMN modeler, and integrate with our system? Or if we were to adopt Activiti, it has to be the whole ecosystem ?

2) I did download the source from Git Hub and imported  it into an eclipse IDE as a set of Maven projects

CAn anyone point me to which is the part which deals with the actual BPM editor , ie the one which has the Palette , drag and drop to draw the BPMN process ?

3) Would like to know if the BPMN process modeler is based on javascript or is is GWT with frameworks such as Vaadin 

If anyone has tried just to integrate  the BPMN editor into their web application ( without using the other parts such as engine/ model ) , i would like to learn from their experience

Thanks and appreciate your time and effort


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Re: Use of the Activity BPMN web Modeler with our own persistense

Hi ani123 _,

I'm not familiar with many cases of people doing what you're asking about - using your own model, persistence and runtime, and only taking advantage of the UI and model generation components of Activiti. It isn't necessarily that difficult, but it largely depends on the specifics of what you're trying to do and how you've built your side of the application. There are specific jars that contain the majority of the Modeler logic - so it is possible to extract that, for sure.

1) In its entirety, Activiti has its own Model, Modeler, BPM logic, execution logic, and so on - Activiti is the entire package. So, of course the UI components (the editor/modeler, etc) for creating models are built with Activiti in mind no matter how extensible they are, that being said - we've embedded the Modeler into a custom application with it's own execution logic, and endpoints before, so it is possible.

2) The series of dependency jars called 'activiti-modeler-<version>-javadoc/sources' contain the program logic for the Modeler; if you look around in the source files you should be able to find the HTML for it as well.

3) The majority of the UI functionality is built with JS, Angular 1.X in particular.

Anyway, there are some endpoints you'll have to change in the Modeler so it can retrieve relevant information from your own application, and depending on how you want everything configured and how you've built your own engine, it could be hard, or really hard.

What exactly are you trying to do in the end? Could you elaborate on that a bit?


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Re: Use of the Activity BPMN web Modeler with our own persistense


 Thanks for your response.

We do have our own BPMN model and engine. Right now we have the BPMN modeler as a thick client. The intention is to make a web based BPMN modeler.  So i am looking for something which allows drag and drop and create a BPMN process diagram, Then the plan is to hook it up with our model persistence and runtime

  This modeler is to be integerated in our portal, which hosts some other web applications too.

So i was looking if I can just use the capability of drag and drop and creating a process from any open source , and am looking into actviti for that too.

Best Regards