User Task Assignee in Alfresco Activiti

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User Task Assignee in Alfresco Activiti

Hello all,

Does activiti:assignee="${makerid}" not work in Alfresco activiti verison? 

There is a service task which does: execution.setVariable("makerid", "Jeenu Thomas") ;

Following this is a User task where I set the Assignee to ${makerid}. But the user with name "Jeenu Thomas" doesn't get the task. Flow shows that task is assigned to nobody. What am I missing here?

This same thing worked in the Activiti community edition.

Regards and thanks,


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Re: User Task Assignee in Alfresco Activiti

Sounds like you are using enterprise edition.

The stanza you indicate does work in activiti enterprise.....however it requires the actual ID (Long number) rather than the userid.

This is a (significant) change in behavior from community edition that has snagged me in the past, especially with a migration from community edition.

This is because of the changes made in the identity management.

Also, Community Edition 6 (currently in Beta) has the same behavior as Enterprise Edition.


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Re: User Task Assignee in Alfresco Activiti

How can I get this ID? The user list shoes a column for external ID but it is blank. Is this the ID you are talking about? If yes, how can I assign this ID?