User Tasks Are Being Lost Activiti 5.22

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User Tasks Are Being Lost Activiti 5.22

Hi Everyone,

I am using activiti 5.22. My workflow is below. All user tasks are async. Sometime when I call the complete task the next task is not being generated due to some failed jobs. When I checked the completed task, it is in the history table. But there is no task in act_ru_task table. I also dont have any idea how to retry the failed job, so each time I restart the workflow again. Could you please help me on this issue? Please let me know the information you need.


Screenshot from 2020-12-24 16-35-09.png


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Re: User Tasks Are Being Lost Activiti 5.22

Do you observe the same behaviour when you turn your tasks synchronous? i've never made any user task async.

Activiti already provide a retry mech. for failed jobs, can you attach the exact expection?