Variable Usage in the Kickstart Web App

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Variable Usage in the Kickstart Web App

I am using Activiti 6 and the Webapp provided by activiti-app.war

I have a simple BPMN diagram consisting of two user tasks with attached forms. The form of the first user task consists of a text field that has to be filled. Now i want to display the input provided in the first user task in the textfield of the second form. In other words i try to save the input from the first user task and display it in the second user task. I tried to use ${id_of_first_textfield} but this does not work. How can i do this? I exclusively need a way to do this in the web app.

Beste Regards and thanks.

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Re: Variable Usage in the Kickstart Web App

Hello tilman,

    This feature is not available in activiti 6. but with alfresco enterprise this is available with two form fileds "Display text" and "Display value".

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Re: Variable Usage in the Kickstart Web App

Only process variables are accessible throughout the process, activiti does not let you pass task variables between different tasks. create a process variable in a task listener that acts on your user task then add the following snippet

task.getExecution().setVariable("id_of_first_textfield", task.getVariable("id_of_first_textfield"))

then you'll be able to reference it as you mentioned ${id_of_first_textfield}