What are the logins for app/admin/rest ?

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What are the logins for app/admin/rest ?

Hi there,

sorry for the newby question.

I'm currently evaluating activiti 6 and I installed the 3 .war under jetty.

I found in the doc the login for activiti-app: admin/test. ok, cool.

Nothing about activiti-rest. And I try another login found somewhere kermit/kermit and it's working. ok.... but why a different one. And more, if I try kermit login with the app, it's not working...

A bit of mess, isn't it...

And for admin, nothing works.


Not to mention when I got the process definitions list from the REST API, none of the def appeared in the app and none of my def (from the app) appeared.... !?!

Confusing, at least.

So if someone could help me, that would be great



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Re: What are the logins for app/admin/rest ?

And while on the subject, I've created some users with activiti-app but none are working when trying to lo in......


Just tried the GET /identity/users. Those are definitively different from activiti-app

"data": [
"id": "fozzie",
"firstName": "Fozzie",
"lastName": "Bear",
"url": "",
"email": "fozzie@activiti.org",
"pictureUrl": null
"id": "gonzo",
"firstName": "Gonzo",
"lastName": "The Great",
"url": "",
"email": "gonzo@activiti.org",
"pictureUrl": null
"id": "kermit",
"firstName": "Kermit",
"lastName": "The Frog",
"url": "",
"email": "kermit@activiti.org",
"pictureUrl": null
"total": 3,
"start": 0,
"sort": "id",
"order": "asc",
"size": 3


Doh !

According to this post :Common DB for activiti-app and activiti-rest?

The activiti-app and the activiti-rest are not using the same DB !!!!!

Either I'm missing something important here or it is plain stupid !?!

So, what am I missing ?


Hum... if I understand correctly the settings, the assumption made in the post I mentioned above is not correct:

  • activiti-6.0.0/wars/activiti-app/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/activiti-app/activiti-app.properties


  • activiti-6.0.0/wars/activiti-rest/WEB-INF/classes/db.properties

Looks like they are using the very same DB.

So what on earth is it happening ? Are the 2 .war not sharing the same H2 instance ?

Alfresco Employee

Re: What are the logins for app/admin/rest ?

Have you tried using an h2 that persists to disk? (e.g. H2 Database file location , you might also want to use Features )

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Re: What are the logins for app/admin/rest ?

Thanks Ryan for trying to help Smiley Happy

found this : How to configure Activiti Explorer and REST to use the same database

Looks like the way H2 is configured, we have 2 different instances, one for the rest app, one for the app.

The point here is that pitiful !

They are delivering a demo which is not working _properly_ !

That is a ____really____ bad point for me for my evaluation of Activiti.

So now, I'm trying to setup the thing to deal with postgres.

Not so easy as I'm not a java dev.

Another bad point for me. If you want to use activiti as  a tool, it's not __that__ user friendly.

Again, not so pleased with the developers behind........................