What's New in Activiti 1.4

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What's New in Activiti 1.4

Alfresco Employee
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A new release of Alfresco Activiti always brings with it a bundle of shiny new features and enhancements to old favorites. The team have worked hard to make this the kind of release you expect from us, so what I’ve highlighted below is really just a hint of what delights you will find.


Activiti Engine

  • Activiti 5.19.0 supported
  • Dynamic BPMN Service for modifying process instance without redeploying
  • Improved support for Terminate End Event


Business Rules – Decision Tables

  • Easily manage business rules through spreadsheet-like Decision Tables
  • DMN Open Standard compatible


Box Connector

  • Attach metadata from Box
  • Publish metadata to Box


Google Connector

  • Attach metadata from Google Drive
  • Publish metadata to Google Drive


Forms Enhancements

  • Column spanning for controls
  • JavaScript customization per form
  • Improved REST handling
  • Additional custom event listeners
  • Extended datatypes for Form Stencils
  • Amount field supported in dynamic tables
  • Import Form Stencil by file update


Kickstart Editor Enhancements

  • Duplicate Step model as BPMN model
  • Force Process App deployment to user’s landing page
  • Full support of variables in nested subprocesses and due dates
  • Enhanced validation of models
  • Custom script tasks available in Stencils
  • Complex condition builder in Step and BPMN Editors



  • Configure whether non-tenant users can be involved



  • Provided for User, Administrator and Developer


Developer API for Suite Services

  • Pluggable authentication
  • Public REST API for Kickstart capabilities
  • Customizable HTTP headers
  • Direct URLs to Start Process forms
  • Interface for custom user and group synchronization