what's the difference between "AlfrescoUserTask" and "UserTask"?

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what's the difference between "AlfrescoUserTask" and "UserTask"?

hope you're doing well. i'm trying to create a custom workflow based on the tutorial " https://ecmarchitect.com/alfresco-developer-series-tutorials/workflow/tutorial/tutorial.html".
But when i try to save anything in the workflow "publishWhitepaper.bpmn" from alfresco share ( write a message, change the status or progress,...) nothing seems to be saved for the next user (in this case: GROUP_Operations or GROUP_Marketing). but when i use the "alfrescoUserTAsk", eveything goes fine. but i'm forced to use the out-of-the-box forms available.

so i'm wondering what's the difference between "AlfrescoUserTask" and "UserTask"?

PS: sorry for the non technical description as i have a basic knowloedge in coding or alfresco.

i'm using alfresco community edition 7.2
Docker compose
Eclipse Designer 4.25


Thank you