Why don't bpnm.io processes execute?

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Why don't bpnm.io processes execute?

I am running the activiti cloud runtime bundle starter and I'm trying to create a process instance (to start a process).

I have the process definition exported from the modeler app which uses BPNM.io. I can successfully deploy the process definition as I see it in the application log. The process definition is a simple workflow with just a ServiceTask that prints something to the console.

When I call the start process API, I expect to see the printed text in the console, but instead I see something like this:

2019-08-12 17:38:10.179 INFO [AppName,36530a4916072019,36530a4916072019,false] 5212 --- [nio-3002-exec-1] o.s.i.monitor.IntegrationMBeanExporter : Registering MessageChannel com.example.WriteName
2019-08-12 17:38:10.352 INFO [AppName,36530a4916072019,36530a4916072019,false] 5212 --- [nio-3002-exec-1] o.s.c.s.m.DirectWithAttributesChannel : Channel 'application-1.com.example.WriteName' has 1 subscriber(s).

`com.example.WriteName` is the fully qualified name of the ServiceTask implementation class. Now I presume that means that I have to get a message from RabbitMQ and start the process there? Although I can see the process instance when I call the get process instances API, and it says that the process instance is active, even though it didn't execute.


When I export the process definition from the activiti-explorer app deployed in tomcat, the process executes as expected and I observe the wanted behavior. Why is that ? From the diff, the only significant difference between the two versions is that the implementation class in the BPMN.io version is specified by `implementation=com.example.WriteName`, while in the Activiti version it's specified by `activiti:class=com.example.WriteName`.


I can provide additional information if needed.


Thank you!