Writing to Files (Smart fields or Templates)

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Writing to Files (Smart fields or Templates)

I am brand new to Alfresco.  I am told that the software does not (cannot) take physical actions to files.  So that if I promote a word document through a workflow I cannot have actions such as stamping or updating a watermark, recording reviewer's name and reviewed completion date, updating physical revision on the document.  Can someone please confirm this functionality is not (A) OOB functionality or (B) possible with a reasonable (<40 hours)  amount of coding?  Thank you (and be nice!)


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Re: Writing to Files (Smart fields or Templates)

Hello Heidi,

Glad to hear that you are want to explore Alfresco for content management requirement. Here are the answers to your questions.

(A) This is NOT the OOTB functionality

(B) The development time can be in this range for the Alfresco experts.