ADF can we run in s3 hosting

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ADF can we run in s3 hosting


I would like to know is it possible to run ADF angular from s3 hosting ..?

If yes then how will redirect our requests  /alfresco login page ? This one i am able to get from nginx redirection ..

I have tried to host the dist(build source) folder in s3 bucket but here i am facing below issue..  do we have any solution to handle below request

Request URI:

polyfills.a0a40658d65aedcaacc9.js:1 POST 405 (Method Not Allowed)

405 Method Not Allowed

  • Code: MethodNotAllowed
  • Message: The specified method is not allowed against this resource.
  • Method: POST
  • ResourceType: OBJECT
  • RequestId: 43EA25AB0FC7052D
  • HostId: tJJr050POCRy17ik056gpW3KqCePHhOApq+9TBNKEqD91LRk8XFiDgh6XmPlYV5e0ORLXKTQU/E=
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Alfresco Employee

Re: ADF can we run in s3 hosting

In the "app.config.json", you just set "ecmHost" to point to a Repository instance.