ADF fetch metadata in desired language

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ADF fetch metadata in desired language

Is there a way to fetch data from ACS in different languages without changing the browser setttings?


I've created content model in Alfresco Content Services with some mltext fields. Now I'am not able to fetch data using ADF in desired language. Internalization support documented here covers only how to deal with "labels" on frontend, but not how to get data from Alfresco Repository in different languages. 

As per my understanding rest services on ACS use Accept-Language header to determine locale, and when invoking services through SOAP-UI data is returned correctly with different values of Accept-Language header. But, since I'am using ADF and AlfrescoApiService service I'am not able to set custom header. Header is set based on browser settings which doesn't fit my needs. I have application with multi-language support and I don't want to force users to change these settings in order to change language. 

HttpInterceptor doesn't catch ACS rest service calls. Setting the locale on UserPreferenceService doesn't work either.