ADF Indentity User Service

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Member II

ADF Indentity User Service


Can someone please assist me by giving me an example of how to use the IdentityUserService in a custom component. I have tried it as shown in the pictures below but it keeps failing


appModules providers arrayappModules providers array

this is the error I keep getting

error messageerror message

Please help, I am new to Angular and ADF, so I feel like I am missing something. Please provide as much details as possible if there is something wrong with my code above. 

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Alfresco Employee

Re: ADF Indentity User Service


Did you have the chance to look at a working example?
There some around:
- The ACA (Alfresco Content Application). The source code is available here:

- A basic ADF application created using the ADF Yeoman Generator. A tutorial can be found here:

I hope this will help you.


Member II

Re: ADF Indentity User Service

obraz (10).png

Member II

Re: ADF Indentity User Service

A service principal of a special type is created in Microsoft Entra ID for the identity. The service principal is managed separately from the resources that use it. User-assigned identities can be used by multiple resources. You authorize the managed identity to have access to one or more services. FM WhatsApp