adf-version-list component event

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adf-version-list component event


I want to perform some action on restore event of adf-version-list component. I have used that component like this.

took reference from

but unable to call that restored event of adf-version-list component.

If any one has used this componet than please know me what I have did wrong.

Thanks in advance.

// version-manager-dialog-adapter.component.html
 <adf-version-manager [node]="contentEntry" (uploadSuccess)="uploadSucess($event)" 
 <adf-version-list [node]="contentEntry" (restored)="onRestoredVersion()"></adf-version-list>

// version-manager-dialog-adapter.component.ts
 onRestoredVersion() {
        console.log('version restored!!');


Prachi Shah| ContCentric