adf-viewer-extension not working

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adf-viewer-extension not working


I am trying the `adf-viewer-extension` but seems it's not reflecting.
Does anyone have idea?

My adf package version is 4.8.0.
(It works for other files like pdf, csv, png/jpg. I just want to explore if I can display word file.)

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 12.46.45 PM.png

  <adf-viewer-extension [supportedExtensions]="['doc', 'docx']" #extension>
    <ng-template let-urlFileContent="urlFileContent" let-extension="extension">

  <adf-viewer-more-actions *ngIf="enableDownload" id="dw-viewer-more-action-id">
    <button mat-menu-item (click)="downloadContent()">
      <span>{{ 'ADF_VIEWER.ACTIONS.DOWNLOAD' | translate }}</span>



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Re: adf-viewer-extension not working

It seems to me that your problem has nothing to do with ADF. Make sure your local transformation services are up and running correctly (especially libreoffice)