Component for modifing metadata

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Component for modifing metadata


I want to modify the metadata of my documents, folders and sites from my ADF application but I don't know how.

I've searched in the catalog of Alfresco and the only posible option that I have found is to create a custom action so it shows a form and then use the JavaScript API to get and modify this info.

I'm not too familiar with ADF so I wanted to know if there is an easier option like using an already build component to show and edit the metadata of documents, folders and sites.

Thank you very much.Smiley Happy

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Component for modifing metadata

Hi Jose,

At the moment a "general" component developed to modify metadata is not provided with ADF.
You can easily develop your own starting from the document list.

If you want to understand more, the suggestion is to start from the getting started page here. 

(in particular in the section dedicated to Content Services).

I hope this help you.