Custom Angular component and ADF?

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Custom Angular component and ADF?

By Default ADF providing component related to APS but some scenaria it is not full filling custom requirement so I am trying to create custom component in angular and want to inegrate that with APS.

I have created Workflow in APS.

1)I have created custom angular coponent with form filed and I am able to start workflow from that.

this.processService.startProcess() I have used this api to start workflow.
2)Workflow is assigned to user and I have created custom angular form with required field.Now I want to submit that form (usertask) so which api I need to use in ADF?
I have checked api-explorer and found that below api is used to submit usertask.
POST /enterprise/task-forms/{taskId}
From ADF how can I call this api?


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Re: Custom Angular component and ADF?


You can call webscript like this

this.alfrescoJsApi.core.webscriptApi.executeWebScript('POST', URL, null, null, 
null, postBody).then((response: any) => {


Prachi Shah| ContCentric
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Re: Custom Angular component and ADF?

you can use the formService from ADF. collect all the required variables on form submission then call 

formService.completeTaskForm(taskId: string, formValues:FormValues,outcome?: string)

Hope It helps.