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Data-columns keys


I'm having trouble displaying task and process properties in data-columns in adf-tasklist and adf-process-instance-list. Tried key values from ProcessInstanceModel. For the startedBy property, [object Object] is displayed:

      <data-column key="name" title="Process Name"></data-column>
      <data-column key="id" title="Id"></data-column>
      <data-column key="started" title="Started"></data-column>
      <data-column key="startedBy" title="Started by"></data-column>

For the adf-tasklist I tried TaskDetailsModel:

      <data-column key="name" title="Task Name" ></data-column>
      <data-column key="id" title="Task Id" ></data-column>
      <data-column key="created" title="Created"></data-column>
      <data-column key="processInstanceId" title="Process Id"></data-column>
      <data-column key="processInstanceName" title="Process name"></data-column>
      <data-column key="assignee" title="Assignee"></data-column>

The ProcessInstanceName property is not displayed at all. For the assignee property, [object Object] is displayed.

Where can I find the correct key values?