Extending ADF components

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Extending ADF components

I try to extend the upload button component of ADF. However, if I generate an example project with Yeoman, all provided ADF-components in node_modules are either JavaScript or declare classes (which cannot be extended as far as I know).


However, the ADF-components on Github are normal Angular components. How can I use them in my own project? Do I just copy them from the Github repo into my example project?

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Re: Extending ADF components

if you can explain in detail what kind of extension you want to make i can try

to help you. 

Instead, if you would like to know how to use the Angular Components of ADF,
and how to make your custom extension, you can see a detailed tutorial
and documentation of each piece of ADF at this link  :


Inside this link you will find a first introduction to the framework

and for each part(Core API, ACS, APS and APCS) a documentation

about components, directives, pipes, models, services ecc.. ecc...

I hope i was helpful,

Bye !


Re: Extending ADF components

Hi Zlatko,


Because our company websites use Bootstrap instead of Material design, i had to redesign some of the components too.
I just copied the code of the existing components in my project in a seperate module and redesigned them to bootstrap.

It worked fine.
The reason why I did it this way, is that I didn't want to take along all the Material design libraries and code by extending the components.

The disadvantage of this is that I might need to update my components in the future if they are updated in ADF.


It is also perfectly possible to only use the ADF services and build your own components using those services.


Best regards.