Form from sdk3 to ADF

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Form from sdk3 to ADF

Hi ,

With sdk 3, i have a created a site with form and action buttons :

In my platform-jar, i have a worklow-validation-context (xxx-platform-jar/src/main/resources/alfresco/module/xxx-platform-jar/workflows) :

Can i use adf API to retrieve result (json ?) and put the items value in ADF form ?

If it's possible, i suppose picker button and validation button can be also work with ADF

Thank's a lot !

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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

So far ADF does not support workflows within Alfresco Content Services. It only works for Alfresco Process Services workflows. At least that is my latest information...

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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

ADF is updated every day and I follow with great interest the GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-content-app project, because it resumes a lot of functionnalities i need for my users :

I think i can use Share UI with admin profile to install the "environnement" : site, users, access, etc.... But i think it's possible , now, to use adf for user interface (profile <> admin). The only thing that's missing is to reproduce this form (first picture). But if i understand alfresco logic (complex for me), it's generated with alfresco FormProcessor and some config files (see my workflow-validation-context.xml). The aim of my project is very simple : Index documents pdf with a model document already defined (form fields) and generate HL7 files (java code in platform-jar). The project is ok with sdk2. We asked me to upgrade with sdk3 but i'm pretty sure that i can use adf for user interface. It would be modern and user friendly. Moreover i test my webscripts, defined in platform-jar, from an adf sandbox project and it works nice (ADF Component Catalog )! So adf can communicate with platform-jar.

My question is : Can FormServices (ADF Component Catalog ) be used to retrieve the fields defined in my config in order to create a beautiful form in a beautifull adf app ? Thx a lot


Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

I'll move this question into the ADF space. Maybe someone there can respond to that...

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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

Thank you Axel.

This is the complete screen i hope creating with ADF :

to resume : indexation = 1 form with 1 pdf and 3 actions buttons

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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

Hi Jerome,

I think you could maybe try to use the webscript service to do a call to this API:

constructor(private apiService: AlfrescoApiService) {}
this.apiService.getInstance().webScript.executeWebScript('post', this.scriptPath, this.scriptArgs, this.contextRoot, this.servicePath).then((webScriptdata) => {


this is the documentation:

alfresco-js-api/ at master · Alfresco/alfresco-js-api · GitHub 

I know that is not a webscript yours but the advantage of using this call if it works is that you already have the token and the login session. You should only try to compose the address in the right way:

http(s)://(host)Smiley Sadport)/(contextPath)/(servicePath)/(scriptPath)?(scriptArgs)

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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

Great ! 

I tried  alfresco-js-api component and all GET request methods work fine ! I retrieve data and can constitute my custom Form :-)

The last problem is to constitute POST method in order to submit my form :

This is the request when i submit form by using Share (formprocessor)

I suppose i must keep "formprocessor" request in order to update data (Tell me if i can do that by another way)

But i don't succeed to constitute correctly the request because of arguments type : Request Payload

How can i apply this kind of request ?


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Re: Form from sdk3 to ADF

this is what i try :

but postForm must be String type so how can i compose properly this request , please ?

I also update directly alfresco-js-api.js by adding 'utf-8' in executeWebScript function

var accepts = ['application/json', 'text/html','utf-8'];

Thank you !!!