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Help choosing an ECM

I have 0% experience as an admin but it has fallen to me to implement a platform at our company to solve a variety of issues. We have SharePoint included in our Office 365 package so naturally we looked there first, but the more I read the more it sounds like a terrible idea for someone who doesn't know exactly what they're doing.

We are a company of 40 and are looking to address the following:

Project management - we want to move away from email and verbal communication to gain visibility of current status of a project and achieve 100% accountability

Version management, eliminating doubt on whether a doc is the correct one

Easy access of scanned receipts & invoices is needed, and we would like to create a library with simplistic search/tag system with ability to quickly send multiple files to clients

Collaborative working – staff experience daily slowdown being locked in/out of documents. It would be great to be able to work on the same file in realtime

We'd like a centralised uniform hub for unique client files

Centralised notes & general information

Scalability - flexibility as we're growing (few people per year)

I'm liking the sound of Alfresco currently, but wondered if anyone here would recommend a combination of other services that might be a little less overkill?

Down the line we would like to look at creating custom solutions but for now our goals seem fairly universal. I'm in a position to spend a good deal of time learning and managing whichever we choose, so aren't looking for a miracle one click install solution.

Many thanks