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Help with ADW Development

Hi there. I'm hoping to develop an ADW based solution against APA. I've developed a couple of simple ADF solutions using the Yeoman generator so I've a little ADF experience but by no means am I a 'proper' Angular dev.

My aims are:

  1. Build & run local vanilla ADW against local Alfresco instance
  2. Build & run local vanilla ADW against APA in the cloud (so would need APA components included)
  3. Deploy ADW to Alfresco PaaS to run against APA
  4. Develop ADW extensions (e.g. wire in workflows, add custom metadata search, etc)

I'm stuck at step 1 :-(

I'm looking for some advice on how to get started:

Q1) Is it possible to develop ADW solutions using Windows? My works laptop is Win10. Home laptop is a MBP M1 but would prefer to use Windows as colleagues will likely use Windows. I've not seen a single article/video where Windows has been used..

Q2) Is the best place to start my ADW journey with Angel Borroy's "Extending ADW" video at I note that he's developing against ADW 2.8.0 & I gather that the latest ADW is 4.0.0. Or can you recommend a different resource to start with?

I have tried building various versions of ADW (2.8.0, 3.1.1, 4.0.0) & ACA (latest) using Windows, WSL & Mac & I've run into a variety of different build errors.. Rather than go into the details of my various failures I thought that it would be best to ask the community for a suitable starting point & start again from a clean slate.

Many thanks



I tried posting to Alfresco_alfresco-ng2-components @ Gitter but I'm not sure if anyone uses that anymore..

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Re: Help with ADW Development

Hello @Mark_Davidson ,

if you still not solved your issue, I would try to help you.
What version of dependencies do you have for starting to build locally ADV? (Node,npm,WSL)?
I created this stub version of ACA for provide stable version of ADW using the 3.1.0 ACA version, based by some real

If you require any kind of additional support , feel free to reach me in public or private as your flavor.

Warm Regards,


Re: Help with ADW Development

Upcoming versions (4.2.0) of ACA/ADW will have support for Windows without Linux subsystem, and the tutorials how to build and run the apps. You can have a sneak peak here for ACA: