How to create a MinimalNodeEntryEntity from a NodeChildAssociation

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How to create a MinimalNodeEntryEntity from a NodeChildAssociation

Hi guys,

This is more of a typescript question really but I cant figure out how to go about it and it seems I am missing something fundamental here so I thought I would ask.

I have created an Events List Component that lists Events (component).  Events are stored as child nodes within a folder.  I therefore am using the nodeApi.getNodeChildren to get the list of Events in a service (EventsService) and those events are passed down to the Events component to display the values for each Event node.  I know I could use the DocumentList for this sort of thing but for various reasons it was decided not to.  One of the requirements is that the EventsService returns an array of MinimalNodeEntryEntity observables.  The getNodeChildren method returns a nodePaging with each enty being a NodeChildAssociation.  I cannot figure out how to convert the NodeChildAssociation to a MinimalNodeEntryEntity.   It seems like something that is a normal thing to be able to do as lots of the ADF components expect a MinimalNodeEntryEntity as their Input.   Can anyone enlighten me on how to do this or let me know if I am thinking about this the wrong way (for example I dont get why the getNodeChildren does not return a list of MinimalNodeEntryEntities and also why I cant ask for a MinimalNodeEntryEntity as the child node of the NodeChildAssociation. 

Many thanks for any help.


Brian (Seed Information Management) 

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Re: How to create a MinimalNodeEntryEntity from a NodeChildAssociation

I checked with some of the ADF programmers and they said that getNodeChildren does do what you are asking. Their suggestion is to check here: and/or here:

Hopefully this helps.