How to find nodeId for certain path?

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Member II

How to find nodeId for certain path?


Junior developer asking again, I know a path for example "/Company_Home/ADF/Final_Destination.

How can I get the nodeId for that path in Typescript/ Javascript? I think I found the solution one time when I was googling but now I'm unable to find the solution.

Thanks for the assistance already!

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Alfresco Employee

Re: How to find nodeId for certain path?

Hi, in order to help you I guess I need more context 

Member II

Re: How to find nodeId for certain path?

Thanks Eugenio for quick response, sorry I wasn't clear enough, I'm still learning these things.

When ADF application starts and after the user login, I want to create a method that checks that a certain path (folder) are available. It would do that by comparing a given nodeid for example 1234567890 to an nodeid of a certain path (folder) it checks and receives in this method.

If the application finds the requested path (folder) and finds out it's nodeid, it will allow program to proceed if it matches the given nodeid of 1234567890, otherwise it will give a warning that the path (folder) has been alterned in Share or there is some other issue.

By this (folder) I mean the whole path to the  "/Company_Home/ADF/Final_Destination"

Was this clear enough?