How to view the file's metadata in ADF 1.7.0

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How to view the file's metadata in ADF 1.7.0

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One of the TOP 10 questions I often receive in the gitter channel is how can I show the file's metadata?

I know we don't have a native metadata component (I think we will work on it soon) but in this blog, I will show you how easily show your metadata using the adf-card component.

I know the title of the article is  ADF 1.7.0 and it will be release only the next week, but you can use the 1.7.0-beta4.

You can find all the example made for this post in our GitHub example repository.

This adf-card component allows you to show and interact with some properties in a nice way. If you want more information about this component please refer to our documentation

The first step, add your  adf-card-view tag into your HTML page:



Now you need to fill the metadata variable with the metadata values. The adf-card-view properties input is an array of CardViewItem[].  If you have already a node you can easily get the metadata properties and create the CardViewItem array in this way:

      metadataProperties(node: MinimalNode) {
        this.metadata = [];
        for (let property in {
            if ( {
                this.metadata.push(new CardViewTextItemModel({
                    label: property,
                    key: property,
                    default: ''

if you don't have the node entity and you have only a nodeId you can the Node data in the following way:

this.getNode(this.fileNodeId).subscribe((node: MinimalNodeEntity) => {

getNode(nodeId: string): Observable<MinimalNodeEntity> {
  return Observable.fromPromise(this.alfrescoApiService.getInstance().node.getNode(nodeId));

Now that we have the metadata and show it in the adf-card-view let's integrate it with the documentlist.

My idea is to hide the adf-card with an if condition when the showMetadata variable is false:

<div *ngIf="showMetadata">


How can we change the value of showMetadata and get the metadata properties when the user clicks on a node?

This is the TS part:

onNodeClick(event) {
showMetadata = true;

This is the HTML part:



this is the result : 


Show the metadata properties with adf-card is quite easy. In our roadmap, we have a component to deal with the metadata but meanwhile, you can use the adf-card.

Feel free to contact us using gitter, the community portal, the webinars or any of the active channels Alfresco offers to get in touch.