Is ADF has hasWorkflow or hasActiveWorkflows evaluator?

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Is ADF has hasWorkflow or hasActiveWorkflows evaluator?

Hello Team,

I am using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 7.2.

I know how to create custom action & custom evaluators.

I want to show a custom action on a document or folder if it's attached to any active workflow.
In ADF I am not able to find hasWorkflow workflow evaluator as it is in our traditional share.
Is this available in ADF?

And in the default Document listing page I didn't find the details workflow in document list and also in the api which is giving the results,

In include parameters aspects was also not coming so I added "aspects"  in include parameter and aspect list is coming but for workflow it's not working,

include: ['path', 'properties', 'allowableOperations', 'aspects','permissions', 'workflow'],

I tried using multiple names : "workflow", "workflows","activeWorkflows" but it didn't worked.
I checked in API-EXPLORER the api only supports limited parameters, 
/nodes/{nodeId} which is currently used in document listing page in ADF.
  • allowableOperations
  • association
  • isLink
  • isFavorite
  • isDirectLinkEnabled
  • isLocked
  • path
  • permissions
  • definition

Is there any way to get workflow details in listing page?