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Local Storage


I'm using the ADF-Framework with Angular and I'm trying to get the username and password of the current user.
I found out that I can get the name of the user with "localStorage.USER_PROFILE".

Is there another constant where I can get the password of the user? I couldn't find a way to see all the available constant.

Thanks for you help in advance!

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Re: Local Storage


If you would be able to retrieve a password of a user in any way, it would be considered a security vulnerability. The passwords are one way encrypted and cannot be decrypted.

If the current user wouldn't know it's password there is the possibility to reset the password.

You can get all other available user information of the current user with the getCurrentPerson() method in the People Content service

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Re: Local Storage

We do not store the password anywhere. You won't find it in the local storage.