Login component redirection - ADF v4.5.0

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Login component redirection - ADF v4.5.0


I'm having a problem with the login component of version 4.5.0 of ADF.


I have an application in which I'm using OAuth authentication. Both properties silentLogin and implicitFlow are set to true and the properties redirectUri, redirectSilentIframeUri and redirectUriLogout all point to the home page of the application. Also, the only URL in the publicUrls property array is the home page.


The login works correctly. The problem is on the redirection after logging in.

For example, If I try to access the URL of a specific task in the application and I'm not authenticated yet, the application will ask me to login, which is correct. Although, after loggin in, instead of going directly to the task page, I'm redirected to the home page (as configured in the redirectUri property of the OAuth authentication). After that, if I click on any of the buttons on the navigation menu, it will redirect me to the task page instead of the page that actually corresponds to the button.

It seems like the login component is making the redirection configured in OAuth's redirectUri property instead of going directly to the redirectUrl parameter that it uses when OAuth authentication isn't enabled. It only goes to the redirectUrl after goind to OAuth's redirectUri first.


Does anyone know how to make the login component go to the redirectUrl instead of OAuth's redirectUri, when OAuth authentication is enabled?