MS Office render speed in ADF

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MS Office render speed in ADF

1. Does anyone know why displaying a rendition of a MS Word doc in ADF/Alfresco Content App takes over 10 seconds the first time you open it, when Share displays other copies of the document it's ~instantly?

2. Are there any known config tweaks to improve this feature?


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Alfresco Employee

Re: MS Office render speed in ADF

Hi @spostma,

Renditions get created "on-demand", so the first time a user previews you have to wait for the rendition to be generated, it's then "fast" for other users. This is by design, the reason is so we don't create renditions that never get used, they are expensive in resource terms (CPU/disk etc) to generate and store. So those fast Share renditions may have been generated previously?

If you really want these created ahead of time, you could have a behaviour or a background job do it for you. 


Digital Community Manager, Alfresco Software.
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