Multiple receiver for E-Mail

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Multiple receiver for E-Mail


I can get e-mails for my application and I can see one person that received the mail by reading out the property "cm:addressee" but when the mail has several receivers I only see the first one.

For the additional receivers in (cc) this is possible as the property "cm:addresses" returns a list of Strings.

I was wondering if it is possible to see all receivers (to)?

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Re: Multiple receiver for E-Mail

Hi @mundifaber,
If i understood your problem this has nothing to do with ADF, it's actually a problem in ACS.

What version of ACS are you using?
What type of emails are you handling?
Are you checking the metadata of outlook messages?
The metadata "cm:addressees" should contain all email recipients, including all "To", "Cc" and "Bcc" addresses according to the class "MailMetadataExtracter" as you can see from here: .

Let me know.


Technical Support Engineer @ Alfresco
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Re: Multiple receiver for E-Mail


Thanks for your answer.

Yes, indeed your right this is actually a problem in ACS. Sorry for that.

I'm using Alfresco version 5.2.1.
What do you mean by "what type of email" these are mails that can be send to a specific address and these are redirected to a folder in Alfresco where the files are visualised and threaded by an external application. In my test case the mail was sent from Outlook.
I retries right now and the field "cm:addresse" just contains the address for alfresco. As I can see in the source code you sent there seems to be another field "toNames". Is it possible to access this? It seems not to be listed when I look at the properties of the document?