Properties of Viewer component

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Properties of Viewer component


I am using ADF 2.1.0 and ACS 5.2.0 to implement viewer component using below documentation. 

Some of the features of the viewer components does not seem to work such as 

1. [allowPrint]

2. [allowShare]

3. [allowSidebar]

Configuring these properties to 'true' does show action icon, however, the functionality do not work. [Screenshot attached]

I even tried to use custom sidebar to include <adf-content-metadata-card> using template injection but this doesn't work either. Sadly, I don't see any error in browser console also.

Appreciate the help here!!

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Properties of Viewer component

Those properties only enable buttons and empty click events that you can handle and execute some code. Printing and Share buttons is not yet implemented, that's why they are disabled by default. The allowSidebar property should work and toggles the sidebar feature.