React SPA using Alfresco JS API

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React SPA using Alfresco JS API

I want to know, if it's advisable to create a react SPA using the Alfresco JS Api?

I know there is an Angular Framework, but there are reasons why I don't want to use Angular.

Thx and best regards 

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Re: React SPA using Alfresco JS API

Hi @wuarmin 

I think it's hard for others to comment on whether React is a good idea without knowing a little more about your requirements and situation.

That said, the official documentation does mention the possibility of using the Javascript API with React. There's also a blog post on experimenting with React & Share. Jeff Potts has also written an interesting article on the considerations involved in not using ADF. Finally this blog post by Sergey Palyukh might be interesting for you.


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Re: React SPA using Alfresco JS API

Good morning @EddieMay,

Thank you for the blog posts. The most helpful was the post of Jeff Pott. 

I don't want to use Share with React. I want to create a customized SPA for invoice processing. Show documents in a table (based on search, based on directory), open a document and set some props (i.e. with infos from sources different inhouse [APIs]), regarding to the settings the documents should be moved to different directories etc.

Regarding to workflows, I have another question: Should or can I use workflows in the SPA, or should I implement the workflows on my own? (just move documents from folder to folder and keep the logic in the customized SPA?) 

Thank you 

Best regards