The ADF components for Alfresco Content Services

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The ADF components for Alfresco Content Services

Alfresco Employee
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As you probably know, the Alfresco solution for ECM is Open Source, released to encourage its usage and adoption. On top of the Alfresco Engine, the Alfresco ADF defines a framework for developers, based on Angular components. If you want to know more about the available components, please refer to the alfresco-ng2-components GitHub Project and take a look to the Alfresco Catalog.

In this set of tutorials we are going to focus our attention on the ECM related components, with a highlight on:

  • ng2-alfresco-documentlist displaying the lists of content (folders and documents) with some nice features like breadcrumb, bundled and custom actions, custom layout, etc.

  • ng2-alfresco-upload displaying different tools to upload files and folders into the repository.

  • ng2-alfresco-search displaying the search forms for search pages and menu bars, and related results.

In the following tutorials, we are going to see the Alfresco Angular components in action into an ADF application, and then we will move on the technical discussion, sharing how to customise the behaviour for some common needs.