Alfresco Summit Web Scripts for JavaScript and Java Developers Training Courses

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Alfresco Summit Web Scripts for JavaScript and Java Developers Training Courses

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Alfresco Summit 2014 is next door! 

summit The first day of the conference (San Francisco September 23 and London October 7) is dedicated to new and updated Alfresco training courses.  I am excited to announce that I will be the trainer for Developing Alfresco Web Scripts Using Java, both in San Francisco and London. Definitely looking forward meeting you in the class. For the training and also the break out sessions on days after. The Summit is the best opportunity to meet at the same place and time, all the most active and knowledgeable experts in the Alfresco Community. You can’t miss it, really!

Web Scripts What?

Alfresco Web Scripts is the framework for building custom REST API in the Alfresco Platform. Knowledge about Alfresco Web Scripts is critical whenever you need to integrate your solution with the Alfresco ECM repository.

With Alfresco Web Scripts you can:

  • Build API to integrate Alfresco with other systems inside your company

  • Customize Alfresco Share UI

  • Or even build your own application UI on top of Alfresco.


We Scripts framework is lightweight and allows for fast development based on server side JavaScript.

For an introduction to the framework and fast developer enablement to build Alfresco custom REST APIs, as per best practices, the Developing Alfresco Web Scripts Using JavaScript course (offered in San Francisco  and London) is the best option. It updates and summarizes the regular content of the official 2 days training course into a single day course, including Maven Alfresco SDK 2.0 that allows for hot reloading and really fast development iteration cycles of your Web Scripts.

The course I am most excited about is the one I will be teaching. the Developing Alfresco Web Scripts Using Java (London link here).

Developing with Java in Alfresco Web Scripts is necessary:

  • Whenever what you want to do is not available on the out of the box JavaScript API

  • Also for performance optimization reasons

  • Or if you just feel more confortable building your custom REST API in Alfresco using the core Alfresco Foundation Java API in place of the higher level server side JavaScript.

This course also summarizes and updates the content of the corresponding official 2 day training course into a concentrated single day that includes the brand new Maven Alfresco SDK 2.0 (at this very moment still only available as a snapshot version) allowing for hot reloading of your Java classes and the same fast development iteration cycle (no repository restarts!).

Beyond Web Scripts

The knowledge you gain by learning Alfresco Web Scripts goes beyond just the framework and building custom REST APIs. For example the same Alfresco JavaScript API you use when developing Alfresco Web Scripts using JavaScript is leveraged throughout the platform:

  • Share UI

  • Workflows

  • Automation Rules

  • Actions, etc.

At the same time the Alfresco Java Foundation API you leverage when developing Alfresco Web Scripts using Java is also used on all other different customisations you may need to implement in the repository:

  • Workflows and Actions again

  • Automated Behaviours

  • Scheduled Processes

  • Transformations, and much more

In summary, learning Alfresco Web Scripts with JavaScript and Java ends up being important for any Alfresco developer when facing an Alfresco implementation project.

Let’s Meet

Come to Alfresco Summit and let’s connect, share best practices and learn together! You will find me at both events in San Francisco and London and I would love to hear about your challenges, and help you figure out the best way to solve them with Alfresco and introduce you to the awesome content offered in our Alfresco University Learning Pathways to set you on the path to success.

See you in San Francisco or London!