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Projects and Teams BeeCon Hackathon 2017

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These are project ideas for the BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference Hack-a-thon 2017.

For each project, you should consider addressing the following:


  • The idea owner(s)
  • A brief description
  • Any prep work for the project, such as developer tools or skills participants should understand



Idea owner: <owner>

Description: <description of the idea, goals and potentially skill/software requirements>

Interested participants:


  • <participant1>
  • <participant2>
  • Add your name here...

Result: <link to externally hosted result(s)>


Enhanced Rule Management

Idea owner: Jeff Potts

Description: Rules are a powerful feature of Alfresco, particularly because they can be created and configured by end users. Alfresco has had the concept of "shared rules" for quite a while, but if you do a lot with rules you quickly realize that there is a need for more functionality around this area. For example, if you have an existing rule and you want to convert it to a shared rule, you cannot easily do that. Similarly, if you have a rule that you simply want to copy to some other folder, there is not a good way to do that either. What if you want to take a rule and either link it or copy it to many folders? Today this must be done manually.


If anyone else is interested in working on this, I propose that we:

1. Standardize on where shared rules are managed, such as a directory in the Data Dictionary called "Shared Rules".

2. Create a RESTful API that facilitate rule management (I have already started this, I just need IP clearance from one of my clients).

3. Make UI customizations to Share that facilitate some of the use cases I've described above.


Interested participants:

  • Jeff Potts
  • Francisco Guariba
  • Peter Lesty

Result: GitHub - jpotts/alfresco-rule-management: Alfresco hack-a-thon project intended to make it easier to... 


Markdown Support

Idea owner: Jeff Potts

Description: How great is markdown? I know, right? But Alfresco doesn't have any support for it at all. At a minimum, we should add a markdown to HTML transformer and a markdown to text transformer. The latter would better facilitate search in markdown files. That would be very easy, so maybe this would be a good one for newcomers. We could also talk about what additional support might be useful. I like editing markdown in plain text, so I'm not sure an editor is needed, but I'm interested in your feedback. I may end up doing this before BeeCon for a client project. If so, I'll link to it here but will keep it on the list in case people want to work on enhancements.


(Possibly look at expanding GitHub - cetra3/md-preview: Markdown Previews and Editing for Alfresco Share  to include a few other bits and pieces, such as a "Create new Markdown Document")


Interested participants:

  • Jeff Potts
  • Peter Lesty

Result: We didn't do this due to the existence of Dave's tutorial and Peter's project, see link above.


OOTBee Support Tools - New Features

Idea owner: Axel Faust

Description: One of the longer-living results from last year's hack-a-thon at BeeCon in Brussels is the OOTBee Support Tools project which brings admin console tools to Alfresco Community Edition. Since transferring the project from a personal project to a community-maintained status under the Order of the Bee, we have collected a list of assorted improvement and new feature ides. This project would aim at picking a couple of the ideas - or even come up with completely novel ones - and implementing them over the course of the hack-a-thon.


Interested participants:

  • Ana Manuel Gouveia
  • Axel Faust
  • Bindu Wavell
  • Cesar Capillas
  • Maria Tsiakmaki
  • Michael Bui
  • Add your name here...

Result: GitHub repository

GitHub - binduwavell/ootbee-support-tools at 57-log-snapshot 

GitHub - binduwavell/ootbee-support-tools at solr-summary 

GitHub - AFaust/ootbee-support-tools at cacheReset 

GitHub - AFaust/ootbee-support-tools at issue73 


Concept for Node-less ADF project and deployment setup

Idea owner: Axel Faust

Desciption: I consider the Node.js platform to be the epitomy of all that is evil in the web developer ecosystem. I am embarrassed by all the capable coders, engineers or architects that have fallen prey to this insidious cancer. I have already payed dearly with blood, sweat and time trying to figure out an issue running unit te..., and I won't ever consider adopting ADF as long as there is no way to completely avoid Node altogether. It would be great if the community could develop a concept for a Node-less development and deployment setup for ADF-based applications and document them within this community platform.


Interested participants:


Real-Time activity monitoring

Idea owner: Julio Maqueda

Description: A funny tool to allow administrators to monitorise sites' / users' activity on real time. It consists of a new administration tool on Share (aikau) which establish a websocket connection with a custom service available on Repo. This endpoint is integrated with Spring (despite of the limitations on Spring 3), and all services created on backend allow developers to choose their own implementation for the messaging system. In my case I'm using Apache Kafka, multithread consumers, and I'd like to take advantage of Kafka streams to publish messages only over two topics. During the hack-a-thon we could develop some behaviours on repo side to publish activity messages about navigation, crud, yadayada, and improve the aikau widget to add styles and new capabilities. Don't hesitate to propose your suggestions!

Interested participants:

  • Julio Maqueda

Result: GitHub repository - juliomaqueda/alfresco-activity-monitor


RM REST API third party integration

Idea owner: David Webster

Description: Make use of the Governance Services REST APIs for Records Management to do something interesting. Current thoughts include linking them to IFTTT (via the Maker WebHooks?) to allow records to be declared, e.g. every time a tweet is made or photo tagged, etc.

Interested participants:

  • David Webster
  • Eva Vasques
  • Sérgio Ferreira

Result: GitHub - davidcognite/ Code snippets to connect and Alfresco  (Repo link: Alfresco » Login )


Improve a Bulk Export Tool

Idea owner: Richard Esplin

Description: There have been multiple efforts to create an export tool for Alfresco. We will review the various efforts and determine which one is the most mature. Then select a way to enhance it. One overview of options is the last talk here: Alfresco Summit 2014: San Francisco Lightning Talks Session #2 - YouTube

Possible tools:

Interested participants:

  • Richard Esplin
  • Add your name here...



User managed metadata extraction on Text PDF

Idea owner: David Antòn

Description: We would like to propose the alfresco users (ok admins really) the possibility to indicate for a document type a list of meta-data fields. With the fields we give how to find the information:

  1. Coordinates
  2. Regex

The business case is that we've noticed that some customers don't want to change their existing ouputmanagement system to give the metadata information to the DMS. Thus the DMS has to find it in the most simple and user friendly experience possible.

Interested participants:


  • David Antòn
  • Werner Naehle
  • Simon Girardin (Presenter)

Result: Github , Demo support presentation


Alfresco Audio Transcriber

Idea owner: Fernando Gonzalez

Description: There is an old addon with an action that can plug in any audio to speech recognition tool in order to scan files searching for some "words of interest". If those words are found in the file the action saves them as properties of the node (including the point in time where the word is located). This action has a lot of potencial in many use cases, being the most obvious the multimedia archive classification. So, the plan is to take back into life the addon, at first making compatible with the latest version of alfresco 5.2 and SDK 3.0, and after that start making improvements.

Interested participants:

  • Fernando Gonzalez
  • Roberto Gomez
  • Mikel Asla

Result: Github , Demo video on Youtube