Projects and Teams Global Virtual Hackathon 2016

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Projects and Teams Global Virtual Hackathon 2016

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These are project ideas for the 2016 Virtual Hackathon.



For each project, you should consider addressing the following:

  • The idea owner(s)
  • A brief description
  • Any prep work for the project, such as developer tools or skills participants should understand




Generator Alfresco

Idea owner: Bindu Wavell <>

Description: We have been collaborating on a yeoman generator for alfresco in our GitHub project. We've made a ton of progress on all of the project related infrastructure and also some good progress on repository tier sub-generators. I plan to work on this during the hackathon and would be glad to have other folks join in. We can either pair or folks can work on stuff from the issues backlog on GitHub. I will be available for folks that want to work on this. If I get free time, I will likely start working on Share module-extension related infrastructure or possibly a base sub-generator that can be used to update both a repo amp and a share amp at the same time. First use case for this is the model sub-generator which currently only affects a repository amp would be great to get stuff plugged in for NLS etc on the Share side.

Prep work: If you'd like to work on this, I suggest making sure you have recent versions of Node JS, java, maven, git and yeoman itself installed. This should be easy to take on during the hackathon if you don't get to it ahead of time, but you'll be more productive if everything is setup ahead.


Interested participants:

  • Bindu Wavell
  • Jeff Rosler



"Liberate" Alfresco Support Tools

Idea owner: Axel Faust <>

Description: As part of our Lightning Talk at BeeCon 2016, Oksana Kurysheva and I listed some addons or features missing from Alfresco (Community Edition). One of this is the Alfresco Support Tools addon of Antonio Soler (Alfresco support engineer). This addon is currently only supported for the Enterprise Edition due to its reliance on the Enterprise variant of the admin console and the JMX capabilities. It would be absolutely feasible to "liberate" this addon from its Enterprise shackles and port 50-70 % of it to be Community-compatible. Some features may still have to remain Enterprise only if we can't find a non-Enterprise alternative API for it.
This project will start and lay the foundation of the "liberation" of that addon with potential future work to complete the process.


Interested participants:

  • Axel Faust
  • Markus Joos


Addons evaluation by using Order of the Bee Criteria

Idea owner: Angel Borroy <>

Description: Since Order of the Bee published an inclusion criteria guideline to evaluate Alfresco addons last year, just only 2 addons has been evaluated. Some community members have started to evaluate different addons during this month and they are starting to share their own results. As part of this hack-a-ton, more addons will be evaluated and rules for evaluation will be drafted.


Targeted addons to be evaluated:


Interested participants:

  • Angel Borroy


Grayson - BDT language for writing Alfresco Unit/Integration/UI Tests

Idea owner: Roy Wetherall <>

Description: A simple library that uses Java 8 techniques to provide a "language" to write behaviour driven tests for Alfresco. This framework doesn't enforce a particular test infrastructure, but rather provides a high level language of functions that allow the developer to write tests that are easily read and closer to the acceptance criteria they are trying to express.


Interested participants:

  • Roy Wetherall


Upgrade Assistant

Idea owner: Ian Wright<>


Description: Inspired by conversations at BeeCon I've been working on a project to try and make it easier to upgrade custom code between versions

The project uses python.
It works by doing an intelligent three way compare between the old version, the new version and the custom code.
It's already useful but mainly for java code so I'd like to expand what it checks.
A useful contribution would be to run against your own project(s) and report back on (via github issues)/expand the code to check anything that's not reported yet.


(I know I've put forward two projects - I'll see if anybody is interested in either before deciding what to focus on but will be available for both)


Interested participants:

  • Ian Wright



Idea owner: Ian Wright<>


Description: I've written a Dojo store that uses CMIS that can be used either within Alfresco or as part of a standalone app.
It's close to being able to release properly so I'd like to get to that point.
It needs reviewing, testing and some improved documentation. I'd like to do a screen cast of the steps outlined in the blog as well.
Although the store will already interact with Aikau it also needs enhancing to be available as an Aikau service (shouldn't be too difficult)


(I know I've put forward two projects - I'll see if anybody is interested in either before deciding what to focus on but will be available for both)


Interested participants:

  • Ian Wright



Dockerizing Alfresco FSTR

Idea owner: Sujay Pillai<>


Description: The Alfresco FSTR is an application which includes an embedded Tomcat & embedded Derby database packaged as a single jar [file-transfer-receiver.jar]. The main idea of the project is to Dockerize it and test it on a docker-swarm. Will also try to execute the same on an Azure cloud service.


Interested participants:

  • Sujay Pillai


Jive Cleanup


Idea owner: Richard Esplin <>


Description: Now that the migration from the old Forums and Wiki to Jive has stabilized, it is time to roll up sleeves and do some clean up.

Today's goals:

  • Create a project page for each official Alfresco open source project listing the source code, governance policy, issue tracker, docs, etc
  • Move content from the "Current Wiki" category in the ECM space to it's long term home.


Interested participants:

  • Richard Esplin


Alfgard: Alfresco health checker guardian


Idea owner: Boriss Mejias <>


Description: We want to build a daemon that is constantly monitoring certain values than can help us to identify malfunctioning risks (unhealthy status). When values reaches predefined thresholds, the daemon takes action. Things we want to monitor are the following:

  • Database connection pool size (and status of connections)
  • Tomcat thread pool size
  • Status of libreoffice converter (is it running, listening?)
  • Amount of connected users


Practical info: I'm writing the daemon in Python and it will run on Linux. I can retrieve some data from Alfresco through the jmx-rmi connector, but this works only for Enterprise Edition. I need help to retrieve that information in Community Edition, hopefully in the form of webscripts.


Interested participants:

  • Boriss Mejias
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